Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tension in South China Sea

A Chinese War Ship Testing its Missiles in the Disputed Area

Even with arbitration running against China, the Chinese are making new claims over the ownership of the disputed Islands in the South China sea. Obviously, that is exactly the source of the new tensions in the area.

Here now are some fresh claims by the Chinese. After months of posturing and news releases, Beijing on Monday published what may be its definitive domestic statement on the South China Sea arbitration case. And, boy, is it revealing.

In a front-page editorial published the day before the Permanent Court of Arbitration was set to rule, the People's Daily, a Communist Party mouthpiece, argues that it is China, not the Philippines, that is the "real victim," casting the case as a foreign "plot" to weaken and humiliate China.

"The facts have proved clearly that the Philippines South China Sea arbitration case is completely a “trap” targeting China, which is hyped and manipulated by the U.S., led by the Philippines, and with cooperation from the arbitration courtroom," it says. Real diplomacy is needed now as any war in that area will be highly devastating to the rapid economic growth of the Geo-political region which currently enjoys the steadiest and uninterrupted economic growth around the world.

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