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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Rio 2016 odd Facts

A very clear aerial view of Rio de Janeiro as seen on approach to the airport! The iconic giant statue of Christ the Redeemer on corcovado mountain is really a site to behold.  An unforgettable picture of the city with the Olympics stadium visible in the background.  From official LOC records, 11,520 athletes will compete in the first edition of the Olympic Games in South America. They are coming from all countries in the Olympics family including for the first time, a refugees team.

The Nigerian male football team is presenting its own odd news and surprises. From poor preparations, bickering and getting stranded in Atlanta USA, they managed to arrive Rio just on time to beat the much fancied Japanese team 5-4. That was not all. In the next game, they beat Sweden 1-0 to automatically qualify for the next round irrespective of the outcome of the final group game.

For the Nigerian table tennis team, it has become all glamour and little spectacular tennis. African table tennis champion Segun Toriola and elegant Funke Oshonaike simply crashed out in the very early rounds of their events. The news does not end there. Segun is now a toast of scouts in Rio looking for a good table tennis coach while Funke is parading her elegance and beauty all around the Olympics village still savoring the euphoria of bearing the flag to lead the Nigerian contingent at the opening ceremonies. They have done their country proud inspite of everything.

To add to all these, Rio has remained a danger zone because of petty criminals, murderers, crooks, drug pushers and all. Zika virus itself still presents a very potent danger in the background.  

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