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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Rio Olympics 2016, Usain Bolt Brags

In Rio, the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt tells anyone who cares to listen that he is in town for triple Gold. "I'm going to win the 100 meters," Bolt boldly tells CNN. "I never try to predict times, I avoid that because you never know. I'll win all three gold [medals], there's never anything else for me when it comes to a championship."

It is now like a trade mark when Bolt regularly flashes his braggadocio and confidence that has made him not only Jamaica’s greatest Olympian but maybe even the greatest across every border. Bolt, who will turn 30 on the day of the closing ceremony, is used to making bold claims and then backing them up.

Bolt is already the two-time defending Olympic champion in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and the 4x100 relay that he shares with his Jamaica teammates, and he has the opportunity to be the first to ever win the esteemed events three consecutive times. But he’s also out to better himself and once again amend the record books.

Hear him! "I think I can definitely break the 200-meter world record and I definitely want to. I said I wanted to go under 19 seconds and I don't know if that will be possible but nothing tried, nothing done, so I will go out there and push myself,” Bolt said. This may be the last we see of Bolt in the Olympics, so he no doubt wants to make it count. The world is definitely waiting for Usain Bolt to do what he does best. He has never disappointed so far.

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