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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Rio Olympics, Why Women’s Beach Volleyball Pulls the Crowd

With clean beaches all around Rio and fun-seekers all over the beaches particularly the Copacabana beach, little wonder that women’s beach volleyball is never short of crowds and spectators. Take for example the large crowd of American fans, many waving flags, which filled up the stadium at Copacabana Beach on Wednesday night, eager to support the pair Walsh Jennings and Ross in their final group.

It was impossible to guess that the match would be memorable at its beginning. The scintillating performance of both the American and the Swiss teams made it so. Both teams paraded very beautiful women with scanty beach wears and that added to the excitement particularly among young males many of which were really not following the game but the movements of the scantily clad females. The crowd cheered on regardless even among the many who really didn’t care about the scores.

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