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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

See What Ugandan Security Personnel are doing to Women

Pray are there no female security personnel in Uganda? Must men do this to women who simply just want to watch a football match in the stadium? These pictures are recent pictures showing the now very common pattern of search which was conducted on some women before a match in Uganda.

It now appears like the Ugandan security agents have perfected this method which according to them is a measure to prevent “contraband” being smuggled into stadiums. Some months ago, some pictures went viral showing how female spectators were frisked before entering a stadium for a football match. In more civilized climes, what these people are doing is “groping” women in public and in some African countries it is called “fingering” which in both cases is indecent and may even be criminal. Now the real surprise! From the smiles on the faces of the women, it appears they are enjoying the obvious indignity. Wonders will never end in Africa! 

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