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Monday, 10 October 2016

Why was Donald Trump Lurking behind Hillary Clinton at the Debate?

Well, one more presidential debate has come and gone and many issues are still being debated. The debate raised many more issues but the most curious one is why Donald Trump appeared to be lurking behind Hillary Clinton. Even though Mr. Trump appeared desperate trying to explain why he is not a sexual predator, his behavior/movement at the debate raised its own issues.

Surprisingly, he appeared to be a real gentleman when asked a question early on about the instantly infamous tape from 2005 in which he bragged about groping women. This is what he had to say, “This was locker-room talk. I am not proud of it. I apologized to my family and the American people. I am not proud of it.” He even waxed romantic when he insisted, “Nobody has more respect for women than I do.”

When viewers appeared to be savoring that, this happened. “Trump wandered around the stage like a bored child at a wedding. He paced back and forth like a patriarch impatiently allowing a woman to speak but thinking better of it. He hovered a few feet behind her like a psycho killer about to burst through a glass window in a horror movie. This move did not go over so well on social media.” Consequently, controversy continues to trail the debate as to why Trump decided to menacingly lurk behind Hillary Clinton when she was making her points.

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