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Saturday, 12 November 2016

10 Credible Reasons Why Trump Won the US Presidency

                                                US President Elect Donald Trump

Historians are still scratching their heads how to record events accurately and sensibly in the recent US presidential elections for posterity. What is certain already is that Donald Trump, against all odds, will be the next President of the United States. That's a fact. For a man who practically put every foot wrong politically, to win an election to become the President of the United States is something worthy of more close investigation. There may be practically hundreds of reasons why he won, but these here 10 reasons are really very interesting.

01. He won because of entrenched racism and bigotry in United States. Surprisingly, even though Mrs. Hillary Clinton is white and female, white women were just as "racist" as their white male counterparts in rejecting her. White male resentment was also very evident at the polls and Donald Trump reaped votes heavily as a result. Racism, sexism and xenophobia were instruments Mr. Trump manipulated expertly to his advantage.

02. He won because of uncontrolled social media hype particularly Facebook. This was really evident because of Facebook and its inability or unwillingness to crack down on fake news which spread like wild fire on its platform. Other social media networks became a clearinghouse for fake and sensational news. These were not just simple partisan spins, but outright lies peddled as objective truths by shady and obscure actors both inside the US and abroad. That helped Trump quite immensely.

03. He won because of his celebrity status. Well, in America just as in many western countries, it always appears that celebrity outlasts substance. Donald Trump needs no introduction anywhere in the US either for good or for bad reasons. Donald Trump's name ID, celebrity and media-savvy clearly over-matched Hillary Clinton's policy acumen and data-driven turnout operation.

04. He won because FBI helped him. Clearly, Mr. Comey, the FBI director's decision to revive the Clinton email circus with a letter to Congress two weeks before Election Day really hurt Mrs. Clinton's momentum and derailed her plans to finish the campaign with a more uplifting message. She clearly lost because exit polls showed more than half of voters believed she was "corrupt."

05. He won because more Democrats stayed home. Low voter turnout appears to have been more on the side of Democrats. For a variety of reasons, it now appears that voter turnout in the election was lower across the board, but especially among Democrats. That cost Clinton the election.

06. He won because of the “Sanders factor” in the Democratic Party. Before the election, there was talk that the Democratic Party establishment didn't push Bernie Sanders candidacy enough. The Democratic National Committee selected what appears a less competitive candidate Mrs. Clinton over Bernie Sanders a better candidate and a better chance to win. Uncharitable people even said Bernie was rigged out of the race in favor of Mrs. Clinton. That became the Sanders factor which hurt Mrs. Clinton a great deal in the race.

07. He won because of President Obama factor. For over 8 years, the Republicans have been confounded by the rising profile of President Obama. They bided their time and waited till his support for Mrs. Clinton to get back at him. To most of them, shooting Clinton down was akin to shooting Obama down.

08. He won because Democrats focused more on turning out supporters than growing the base. The Democratic Party campaigned as if it had left or given up/abandoned/lost touch with the working class, its traditional support base. They focused more in a lame effort to persuade people outside their base while ceding everything else to the Republicans. That miscalculation helped Mr. Trump to win.

09. He won because of help from Russia. Well, this appears to be the most surprising reason of them all. Help from Russia? Unthinkable! If not because it was revealed by Russia itself, nobody would have believed. The Russian deputy foreign minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said in an interview with state media that, contrary to Trump's denials, "quite a few" people from his "entourage" have "been staying in touch with Russian representatives." In international diplomatic language, that speaks volumes.

10. He won because of Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Mrs. Clinton lost for lots of reasons; most notably the millions of voters who turned out for other contestants, Johnson and Stein would probably have voted Democrat. The votes they received denied her the Democratic support she might have received in narrowly lost states like Pennsylvania. That helped Trump to win. 

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