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Friday, 26 August 2016

Even the Physically Challenged Can Make Money

Have you heard of Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and other physically challenged persons who are using their God-given talents to earn good money to make a living? Good if you have. Here let me tell you the story of Jose Feliciano who incidentally is less well known as the first two just mentioned. 

Jose Feliciano was born blind in Puerto Rico at a time and in a place where even able-bodied people had a tough time making a living. His handicap notwithstanding, he pursued his passion for music by acquiring an old guitar and teaching himself to play. His passion for music was so great that he at times practiced until his fingers bled. He moved on to become one of the greatest musicians of our time and earned millions of dollars from his works. One of the finest pieces of music ever played is a Christmas carol called “Feliz Navidad.” It was written by Jose Feliciano. 

Just like Jose Feliciano and all others, all you need is to find your passion and deploy it to good use. You too can make money even if you are physically challenged.

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