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How to Earn Money and Authority by Blogging

If you are in internet business and you don’t have a blog, you are missing out a very vital business boosting activity on the internet. You ...

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

How to Earn Money and Authority by Blogging

If you are in internet business and you don’t have a blog, you are missing out a very vital business boosting activity on the internet. You may already be aware that blogging offers amazing opportunities to build authority and earn income online for any business you are involved in. What counts in blogging is your expertise and how you can convey it for others to benefit from it. Everyone knows at least one thing better than others. That is where they have their expertise. For that reason, it is possible to blog about any and everything on this planet. What counts most is to carefully choose a niche where you are really grounded in knowledge then start writing about it. You can establish authority faster with a specific issue meant for a specific audience than to dabble into all sorts of topics meant for no particular audience. Just write well and write about what you know well. That is all it takes. With sustained efforts and time, your blog can grow into a real business. When it becomes popular, it is capable of generating real income for you and positioning you as an authority in your chosen niche.

Here are some tested and proven ways you can use your blog to gain authority and make money.

#1. Google AdSense display ads

When your blog is fully established with good traffic, you can apply to Google to get Adsense code. Installing this code in your blog allows Google to display ads on your blog. You get paid per view and per click each time a visitor clicks on these Google Adsense ads. If you can drive enough traffic and generate clicks, the money you earn can really begin to add up real good.


#2. Video Ads

If you have a sizeable followership on social media sites like YouTube or Instagram, you can also embed codes on the videos to earn money from clicks. If you know how to, you can either create short videos showcasing the products/services being advertised or you use ready-made videos provided by the companies you are helping to market.

#3. Affiliate Marketing

This is one very popular way to earn money online using affiliate programs. Adding affiliate links to your blog posts is another great way to monetize your blog. These affiliate links are displayed in your blog through banner ads and native ads. If any sale is made through these links, you get paid an agreed percentage commissions by the advertiser. A great way to make money online if you know the ropes!

#4. Selling Blog Ads

If your blog becomes very popular and well known, you can sell ads spaces directly to advertisers. Even though it may take time and consistent effort to establish yourself as a trusted resources center, it pays off on the long run if you manage to build your personal or business brand, and maximize your audience reach and performance in the process.

#5. Selling eBooks

This is one great way to build and establish your expertise online. As your authority and expertise grow, you can then start to produce eBooks and online courses for sale. With eBooks and related courses, you can explore deeper into any subject or material that matters most to your audience. That way, you can offer exclusive content that isn't readily available on your blog through the eBooks. Once your readers recognize you as an expert on the subject matter which they relate well with, many will be willing to pay a premium for more information from you.

#6. Expert Consulting

Many bloggers have discovered that you can use your blog to position yourself as an expert in any field. When you become recognized as an expert in any field, naturally people always want to know more from you and many are willing to pay for it. If that happens, you have become a paid consultant. You can then start to offer coaching services directly either through eBooks or webinars. As a coach, you can offer guidance and counseling, strategic thinking, advice in getting things done or learning some skills.

#7. Selling Ad Space in a Newsletter
By the time your blog becomes very popular, it is smart to have an email newsletter associated with it. Good quality and highly information newsletter is best. If the newsletter has a high subscription, you can sell ad spaces on it for extra income. What works best is to have a sizeable mailing list with fairly high engagement rates. The money rolls in as a result of the ads you run for advertisers.

Monday, 6 May 2019

4 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help Your Businesses

Most people out there on the internet either want to buy something or sell something. Internet provides unfettered interaction for everyone to do their own things the way they please. Because the world is rapidly moving from conventional methods of marketing to digitalization, everyone out there tends to face real business competition from fellow marketers. Even at that, the internet has managed to unlock the door of endless opportunities for everyone out there. There is now a greater preference for digital marketing than other conventional or traditional marketing methods. With digital marketing, it is by far easier to quickly interact with your clients/customers thereby expanding your business visibility much more seamlessly. Here are some very valuable benefits your business can derive from digital marketing:

#1. Customer retention

Every business needs customers. Not just getting them but retaining them to sustain their patronage. Digital marketing is one way through which businesses can significantly increase their reach to get customers. Social media takes the fore front in this quest. If you want to acquire and retain customers for your businesses, customer engagement is very important. You need digital marketing to engage customers, promote your product/services virally to reach a very wide range of customers and potential customers. Because of the ease and simplicity of use, you can through interaction with customers easily assess their needs and reactions to your ads. That information if met with quick and timely responses helps to provide real time solutions in your business. Somehow, with quick and helpful solutions, you can manage to win more customer loyalty as well as attract more customers to your business.

#2. Increased Conversion Rate

Upgrading potential customers to customers is one very important desire of every marketer. Marketers have since discovered that most people now depend on search engines to look for information about anything and everything happening around the world. Search engines also come in very handy if anyone wants to buy or sell something on the internet. All these through digital online interactions! For that reason, businesses with online presence stand a better chance to promote their products/services more effectively and efficiently. Digital Marketing directly targets users and places the product/service at their reach thereby making it easier to move them from potential customers to actual customers at a very high rate of conversion.

#3. Cost-Effective

In every business, the bottom-line is often costs. Either by way of minimization or elimination of costs altogether, that is what often counts. The lower the costs, the higher the profits and vice versa! Who wouldn’t want to keep profits up at times like this? By far, digital marketing incurs much lower costs than traditional media marketing because of the leverage of internet technology. With digital marketing, even the costs incurred can be more easily amortized over time to deliver a better Return On Investment, ROI. Digital marketing allows businesses to remain competitive even with much smaller advertising budgets. For sure, that is good news for any business. Digital marketing makes it relatively cheaper for most businesses to increase business visibility and profitability because it is easy to target a desired market through an already receptive audience which has been primed over time by deliberate targeting to be interested in what you have to offer. That is like knowing where your potential customers are and taking your business there without dissipating energy and much valuable resources searching all over the place looking for them.

#4. Versatility

Digital marketing leverages on internet technology to do wonderful things in business marketing. It is extremely versatile and easy to deploy even by newbies in the business. When it comes to branding, image building, advertising, new business leads generation and general advancement of any business, digital marketing is handy and helpful with cost effective results. It can be adapted even with timing and location specificity to get any information out there in front of customers and potential customers anywhere in the world 24/7. That says something about its versatility. Now this tip!! If you want to have an advantage over marketers who are not using digital platforms for marketing, digital marketing holds the awesome power to turn your presence into a web sensation. Internet technology does the magic.