Monday, 14 August 2017

Great to See SFI by the Numbers

Facts! Facts!! More facts about SFI affiliates business. These are milestones you can independently investigate and verify all by yourself. In SFI, things are getting more interesting, rewarding and profitable by the day. Just take a look at the exciting numbers:

19th successful year for SFI (32nd for SFI's parent company)
15,787 new Affiliates added last week
91,206 commissionable products (787 new added last week)
662,759 S-Builder sign-ups generated to date
2,950 E-Commerce Associates
220,774 total TCards distributed
Millions - Commissions paid out to our affiliates (in US Dollars)

Things are definitely going to get better and being part of that growth and profits is the most exciting part.

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How to Share TC products on Social Networks

Get the word out about a great new product, deal, closeout, or other item at quickly and easily. After logging into, simply click the Share & Win tab on a product's detail page; then cut and paste the resulting link on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail...or post it wherever you want.

Your SFI Affiliate ID number is included in any referenced URLs you post, so you get credited with any subsequent sales. Referenced URLs from your referred members will also include your SFI Affiliate ID for crediting when they share via the Share & Win tab.

NOTE: By referring a friend to TripleClicks, you'll automatically qualify for a FREE WAVE3 Membership and enjoy all the benefits that go with it.

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