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Why Your Small Business Needs Digital Marketing

image credit: dailypunch.pk  No matter the size of your business, to reach out quickly and efficiently to customers, you need digit...

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Why Your Small Business Needs Digital Marketing

image credit: dailypunch.pk
 No matter the size of your business, to reach out quickly and efficiently to customers, you need digital marketing. That is because, digital marketing is one great way to enhance or increase the branding of your product in digital technologies on the internet along with smartphones and screening devices. You need digital marketing to boost or advertise your products/services in the electronic world by using different platforms on the internet.  It is one very good platform to connect with customers as well as for the company to sell its products and services. Digital marketing is getting increasingly popular among many small businesses nowadays. For that reason, the future of digital marketing is very bright. It is one good and very reliable platform new businesses can depend on to show their products and services to their target markets. The ease and convenience of operations in digital marketing in another boost since it makes uploading of pictures and videos, writing blogs and offering online services very easy chores to carry out daily if you know what you are doing.

If you run a small business, just push it out there via digital media marketing and the business will get the following advantages amongst others:

Faster and Better than Traditional marketing:

No doubt digital marketing is faster and easier than the traditional option to market your products and services. It is also more convenient to use by way of banners and e-cards.  It is more advantageous than traditional billboards and more physical stuff which are costlier to install and maintain. It gets out the message faster, better and wider via the internet than traditional methods.

Narrows Gap in Communication:

Operationally, digital marketing helps to bridge communication gap which usually exists between customers and organizations. With the use of the internet, you can quickly bridge communication gaps thereby making it easier and more reliable for the both; customer and company to engage positively. Internet has greatly enabled the rise of the smart consumer. Through social media channels, rating and review boards, and forums, consumers are now able to connect with other consumers easily. That connectivity empowers them to give their approval or disapproval of a product or service thereby influencing and directing the buying decisions of potential customers. Digital marketing enables consumers to easily connect directly with organizations and vice versa. By keeping in touch with customers through follow-up emails, personalized offers, and thank you letters, organizations now build relationships and establish a sense of community around their brands fairly easily. That helps to build good businesses no doubt.

Helps Boost Company Visibility:

To enhance real visibility for your business, you need digital marketing. An increase in visibility on the internet market automatically helps to boost sales through technology. An organization can be visible to a large number of individuals through different social media platforms. Many of such platforms can promote your business even for free. Setting up a strong presence on the Internet through a website, a blog, paid marketing and web-based social networking is good for business.

Enables more Detailed Marketing Research:

You can’t operate a business in isolation and expect to make it good. It pays to know what your competitors are up and what they are doing. Same goes for customers particularly customer behavior. Information is king and research on the internet is faster and more reliable for any business. With the touch of a button, the Internet makes available to you, a wealth of resource portals and tools that allow marketers to more accurately gather data on consumers and track their activities and preferences. Google is one good source and a sure bet for these resources and tools.

Highly Cost-Effective:

The bottomline always matters when it comes to marketing. To compete favorably, any small business with an eye on profits needs to push up more money and other resources to market their products/services. Digital marketing easily helps such businesses with more resources to boost the business up and engage more customers even on a very cheap budget. Depending on what you want, you can choose your budget plans and make strategies to market your product with cost-effectiveness dictating the pace.

Better Returns on Investments:

Aha!! Everyone who is in business always wants good returns on their investments. Easy and smart use of Google and other social media websites are another great opportunity for good returns on investment because they are largely free to use. You also have cheap access to tools for choosing your own location where you can engage the relevant peoples to which you want to market your services or products. A good use of web analytics helps many business owners to know whether their websites are providing optimal ROI. With that information, they can conveniently allocate their budgets efficiently by deciding on the investments to plan on every day. Very smart no doubt if you also have an eye on your own company’s ROI.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Awakening Sleeping Affiliates in SFI

Inactive PSAs can be a real source of concern and frustration for SFI sponsors. But the solution could be as easy as a simple reassignment–specifically, a reassignment to one of your active Affiliates from the same country or who speaks the same language.

Why? Because, as SFI continues to spread around the world, language difficulties and cultural differences could become more of an issue among SFI Affiliates in growing downlines. These communication barriers may discourage new PSAs from non-English speaking countries and result in their giving up on SFI.

Why not take advantage of the growing diversity in your downline by pairing up these inactive PSAs with appropriate leaders in your team? This easy, no-brainer solution could reawaken their interest in SFI and get them building their own businesses...not to mention giving your team the added benefit of motivating your existing leaders to continue spreading the word about SFI in their own countries and in their own languages!

To reassign PSAs just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to your Genealogy.

2. Choose the Reassign tab. All affiliates who are eligible to be reassigned (i.e. see restrictions below) will be designated by a checkbox.

3. Check a box for someone whom you want to reassign.

4. Enter the SFI ID number of the person to whom you want the reassignment(s) into the popup’s field and click OK. Make sure you have the right ID number!

5. Go down your list and check other boxes for any other affiliates you wish to reassign, entering the appropriate SFI ID numbers in the reassignment popup field.

6. When you’re done selecting the affiliates you wish to reassign, click the Reassign selected affiliates button.

The SFI system will automatically send an e-mail to the new sponsor, letting them know about their new, reassigned PSA and encouraging them to contact their new Affiliate right away.