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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Why You Must Maintain Good Health

“Men will spend their health getting wealth; then gladly pay all they have earned to get health back.” –Mike Murdock

The first wealth is health so it is imperative to maintain good health at all times. Many people in the name of business have ruined their health. Some have found it impossible to get their health back even with all the money they made. Many are even willing to give all the money back in exchange for good health. The bad news is that it is always too late for this. It is in your best interest health-wise to balance your work schedule. You need a healthy mind and body to be able to work. This you can do by eating good and balanced food in the right proportions at the right time. Avoid doing anything in excess. Smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol will help to shorten your life and productive years. Listen to your body signals and form the habit of seeing a Doctor when the signals are not good. Divide your day into three parts of 10 hours for work, 8 hours for sleep and 6 hours for extra-curricular activity. This is the best way to stay healthy.

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