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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Best Way to Introduce TripleClicks TCredits to Someone

Simple, just do what an Economics Teacher will do in her first day in class teaching Business Economics 001. Explain to them that just as every profession has its peculiar language and every country has its own currency, so it is in business. Every business has its own peculiar trading patterns and the type of currency it accepts for its business. So it is in SFI business. TCredits are peculiar currencies acceptable only in SFI business.

Just like money which generally is anything acceptable for the exchange of goods and services, TCredits serve the same purpose in SFI TripleClicks. You can acquire TCredits with any other currency. If acquired, you can then use the TCredits to trade in TripleClicks, participate in auctions and do practically every other business in SFI. With this explanation to someone who has never heard of TCredits, I believe it will be fairly easier for them to understand.

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