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Thursday, 23 February 2017

How to Convince Skeptical Prospects that SFI is Legit and Real

Tell them that SFI is FREE to join and you do not necessarily have to spend any money to remain a viable member. That may to some extent allay their fears about fraud. To buttress that, tell them that SFI affiliates are REAL people with photographs and verifiable email addresses and even telephone contacts. Convince them that if they join a2a and participate in the forums, they can easily convince themselves that they are dealing with genuine home business people. 

The business is certified by GeoTrust as a secured business and American Better Business Bureau, BBB lists it as an Accredited Business. It is listed in their Accredited Business Directory with a rating of A+. Online, legitimacy can’t be better than these.

To cap it all, tell them that SFI delivers on its promise. The prospects can test this within the first month of joining after which they are free to decide for themselves whether or not the business is legit even without spending any money.

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