Wednesday, 8 February 2017

How to Gauge the Seriousness of Your Affiliates

To know if your affiliates as in PSAs and CSAs are serious about building a successful SFI business, just rate them with the following questions.

1. The commitment message you received from them how high was the score?
2. What are the ranks of the PSAs and the CSAs in your MY MOVERS Tab?
3. What is the pace of progress in terms of VP earned daily by the PSA or CSA?
4. How often do you get communication from the PSA or CSA either as enquiry or a response to your own correspondence?
5. What is the minimum rank each of the affiliates maintains from month to month?
6. How regularly does the affiliate log in?
7. Are the affiliates already Fast-Track affiliates or are in contention to be?
8. What is the average volume of VP earned by the affiliate each month?
9. How ambitious are the short and long term goals the affiliate has set?
10. What are the Class Rank, Country rank and Global rank of each of the affiliates?
11. Are the affiliates on your Movers list? If yes, that in itself is proof positive that they are serious in the business.
12. How often do they participate in the Ask Sc Forum?
13. What about their involvement in a2a?
14. Do they regularly play the Trivia Games?

It is my considered opinion that any of your PSAs and CSAs whom you are able to give a satisfactory answer to for all the above questions and more can generally be regarded as serious about building their SFI business.

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