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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Revealed!!! You Can Now Grow Marijuana at Home in Los Angeles

Marijuana Plants, Image Credit: latimes.com

It is what many LA residents are already doing anyway! Either in their back gardens or even in flower vases, on corridors and walkways in their homes, many LA residents are already growing and consuming marijuana mostly in the privacy of their homes. That has now been legalized somewhat with the passage of Proposition 64. By that act, Californian gardeners can now grow marijuana with their marigolds and other flowers or home beautification plants. Now in LA, individuals 21 and older are allowed to grow up to six plants, as long as the plants are not accessible to the public and as long as their municipalities haven’t restricted cultivation.

According to Los Angeles Police Department, Rampart Division Officer Joel Certa, in the city of Los Angeles, the law is enforced as written. What that means is, home gardeners over 21 are OK to plant six or fewer marijuana plants in a secluded part of their yard. He cautions that other jurisdictions may have different rules, so, he advises everyone to check with their local law enforcement agency if they want to stay on the safe side of the law.

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