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Thursday, 22 March 2018

6 Techniques to Blog Like a Pro

According to online marketing experts, nearly everyone now blogs to support their businesses. That is content marketing. You may be aware that blogging and creating other types of online content can provide a big boost to your small business marketing strategy. However, be informed that it takes a lot of planning to actually make content work toward your main business goals. If you are already into it or you want to commence blogging, there are blogging techniques you can deploy to get results like a pro. Here are some of such techniques.

01. Create Content That Gets Real Traffic and Links:  The essence of blogging is to get traffic to your business. This you can do by using effective ways to increase links to your blog and improving your reach. That means you must always put a very good content out there. You can improve this content to make it more shareable particularly on Social Media.

02. Use Your Blog to Improve Your Business’s Online Reputation: The fierce battle for reputation is what makes online marketing tick. It is your business reputation that contributes largely to bringing customers to your business again and again. For that reason, no matter where you blog, you must pay particular attention to reviews and feedbacks relating to the content you are sharing. That helps you to monitor and work to improve on what is said about your business online.  One credible way to build a good online reputation!

03. Choose and Use the Right Keywords for Your Blog Niche: This technique is as old as content marketing itself and pros always emphasize it. If you want online surfers/readers to easily find your blog content by way of organic search, you need to deploy some SEO techniques. This will require you to choose and use some relevant keywords to your blog niche. That is called optimization which could be a bit tricky at times. SEO may pose a bit of technical challenges, so, if you are unable do it yourself, you can pay experts to help optimize your blog for you.

04. Always Provide Your Readers Personalized Content: This is very important for blogging. It shows you are an expert at something which you are able and willing to share it. If you habitually share sufficient good content regularly, you quickly get many readers hooked up to your blog. Posting generalized content on your blog may not solve specific problems your readers want solved. So, finding ways to create personalized content that is useful to an exact target audience is what works to get readers/traffic to your blog.

05. Use Customer and Competitive Research to Shape Your Blogging: Here, the use of Google Analytics comes in very handy. With it, you can research on and also “spy” on your customers and competitors to know what works for them and what doesn’t. Digging into customer and competitor data can help you find out which type of content gets the best results. That way, you can redesign your own content to better their results using Google Analytics research information.

06. Get More Email Subscribers for Your Blog: This takes a bit of time to set up and to garner sufficient emails. But, once up and running, it is a very good source of reliable traffic. You can lure your readers with token gifts like eBooks to get their emails. Your blog can also be designed with email subscription options which ensure your readers actually see your blog content as soon as it is posted. With their subscribed email addresses, your blog gets right in their inboxes as soon as you make the post.

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