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Saturday, 3 September 2016

7 Smart Ways to Profit from Natural Disasters

The mind-set of any good entrepreneur is always on how to make a quick buck no matter the situation. Natural disasters as characterized by earthquakes, tornadoes, wild fires, flash floods, tsunamis et cetera always have in tow widespread destruction, misery, sorrow and even death. Since natural disasters these days occur with alarming regularity in many parts of the world, good entrepreneurs must think about how they can run a business and make some money even amidst disaster. It is prudent to run an emergency business if and when disasters strike. When many people are busy lamenting, any smart entrepreneur should always think some other ways different from everybody else. In times of disasters, these seven services are very smart ways to become relevant and in high demand. If you so wish, you could render some of these services gratis and at no cost to anyone. That way, you would become a very useful and important citizen as a result more so in times of gloom.

01. Insurance claims agent. With widespread destruction accompanying natural disasters, a good service to render is insurance claims agent. Many people will readily hire your services to help them make claims from their insurance companies.

02. Clean-up services. Disasters come with enormous debris which must be cleared away for normal life to resume. If you are able to quickly set up an emergency clean-up service outfit, you will be in very high demand.

03. Water/food vendor. In times of disasters, the things people need most are usually food, medication, water and shelter. From experience, governments are usually good at providing shelter and medication but not the others. Any private person who can quickly set up a food and water supply service will be in very high demand.

04. Nursing/comforter services. With injuries, deaths, sorrow and desperation very common in times of disaster, a good business to run is a nursing/comforter service.

05. Entertainer. In times of natural disasters, many people usually need things, anything which could take their minds off their losses even if temporarily. That is where entertainers become very useful. If you can lay your hands on a drum, a violin, a guitar, a banjo, a flute, a harmonica or any other musical instrument for that matter and you can play it well, you will be very useful to many people who are alive but in sorrow. 

06. Transporter. With flash floods, you can quickly get a boat to ferry people around flooded streets for as long as the streets remain flooded. With earthquakes and impassable roads, Big Joe’s helicopter emergency service can not be a bad idea either.

07. Coffin/Casket maker. This may sound morbid but it is a service that is in high demand in times of natural disasters. The dead must be buried anyway and at times in very large numbers. That usually engenders a very high demand for coffins/caskets.

The essence of these services is to think like an entrepreneur even in times of natural disasters. When everybody else is lamenting, the smart entrepreneur should be busy rendering a service and making a quick buck. Rendering a service and making money as a result is what  good entrepreneurs know how best to do whether the times are normal or not. These seven business types are usually very relevant and in high demand in times of disaster. Since mankind is yet to find a credible way to avoid natural disasters completely, it is prudent to start thinking about how to live with them. What is certain is that disasters will always occur but no one knows for sure where and when the next big one will hit. Smart entrepreneurs should always stand ready to swing into action as soon as a disaster hits their neighborhood.
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