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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Human Person, the Ultimate Asset

“If I were you, I would stand for something. I would count.” -- Benjamin E. Mays

In business, the human beings running it are the ultimate assets not the brands, the equipment or the products. The human beings are the only resources that are resourceful. They think, they feel, they see and act according to their feelings. They are the ones who make the products, find the markets, sell the products and keep the concern going. Without them, there is no business. They are therefore the most important resources of any business even though they are not Balance Sheet items.

Stop reading for a while and take an inventory of yourself then try to place a value on what you are worth as a person. There is no doubt that you must have placed a very high premium on yourself. Congratulations, you are absolutely correct in whatever value you have placed on yourself. You are you because you are unique. There are no other you anywhere in the world. You have no duplicate. God made it so and no one has been able to fault God’s intentions successfully. You are an immensely valuable product of God’s creation and He too must have placed a very high premium on you hence He took His time to create you. “God never spends His time to make a nobody.” The way you take yourself, the way you value yourself and the way you apply yourself are the primary determinants of whatever service you can render to yourself and mankind. “Self-image is a premise upon which your entire personality and behavior is built.” If you find yourself so valuable, useful and important, you have no reasons whatsoever why you can not apply yourself to useful and valuable purposes for your own benefit and that of mankind. You simply have no right to be poor if you are this valuable. 

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