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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Best Ways to Use Printed Flyers to Attract Sign-Ups in SFI Business

Printed flyers are very cute and highly-effective marketing tools for recruiting PSAs/PRMs/ECAs. Their designs, layouts, wordings and colors help to make them effective in the marketing process. For maximum effectiveness, it is always recommended that you use flyers in places with a very high human concentration or human traffic. Some of the commonest ways to use them are listed below: 


1. In reception areas of a Doctor’s clinic with permission.
2. In the notice boards of your religious or social clubs with permission.
3. In the community boards of your local shopping centers/malls.
4. In the notice boards of your local library.
5. In your community gym.
6. In your local sports arena.
7. In the rest benches of public parks.
8. Hand them over at local train and bus stations.
9. Place flyers under the windscreen wipers of cars parked in the street, at the malls or in sports arenas.
10. At the barber’s or hair-stylist’s shops with permission.
11. At the local restaurant with permission.
12. At your auto-mechanic’s shop with permission.
13. Tape them to the front doors of homes and businesses.
14. At your local shops’ counters or even inside shopping bags at the cash points.
15. Get your local vendor to insert them at the center pages of newspapers.
16. You can post a flyer on bulletin boards in your community.
17. When you attend business and franchise meetings, an opportunity to distribute many flyers.


These are just a few of the ideal uses for flyers I can immediately think about right now. Since printed flyers are an excellent and very cheap way to advertise your business, using them as stated above always brings very good results.

Good luck!

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