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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How to Communicate with Your Team Effectively in SFI Business

Because of the high premium SFI places on communication as a very effective tool in business, it provides very many channels and opportunities for affiliates to communicate. SFI even rewards periodic communication with very valuable VersaPoints. The commonest ways available to communicate with your team in SFI are: 


- SFI Mailer.
- Chat room.
- Direct Email.
- Stream posts.
- Forum posts.
- A2A messages.
- Telephone.

These communication ways have their own advantages and drawbacks depending on what the communicator wants to achieve. From my nearly 5 years experience in SFI, I believe SFI Mailer is the most effective way to communicate with your team. Here are my reasons:

1. All mailer messages are delivered without fail.
2. You get rewarded with valuable VersaPoints periodically if you use Mailer messaging.
3. It is FREE to use and therefore cost effective.
4. Mailer messages do not get delivered into spam boxes.
5. It provides the recipients opt-out options thereby respecting their privacy.
6. Even if not yet opened the recipients know the messages are from SFI.
7. One message can get to all your CSAs and PSAs no matter the number instantly.
8. It is a most suitable way to communicate with a very large number of persons.
9. It respects and values the privacy of recipients.
10. It is very convenient and easy to use.
11. You can store all Mailer messages for reference and recall. 


From the above, I can confidently say that SFI Mailer is the most effective way to communicate with your team in this business.

Have a great day!!

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