Monday, 16 January 2017

How to Lead PSAs and CSAs by Example

Your PSAs and CSAs look up to you as a sponsor and they always ask questions with that in mind. That is why in SFI, you must “walk your talk” all the time. It is easier to answer questions about what you know and do routinely than what you do not do. Since you can never tell what questions your PSAs and CSAs can ask you at the anytime, be fully prepared by doing all that SFI recommends that its affiliates should routinely do. Specifically you should:

1. Log in to your SFI website daily and perform the “to-do” tasks to earn VersaPoints.
2. Work to reach at least the rank of EA2 every month.
3. Communicate very regularly with your downline.
4. Join and participate in the forums.
5. Read SFI news and other lessons.
6. Accept SFI regular tips and use them in your business.
7. Play the Trivia Games to have fun.
8. Participate in the Auctions.
9. Promote SFI Gateways intensely and widely.
10. Help to sell products on TripleClicks to earn commissions.
11. Become an ECA yourself if you have products to sell.
12. Recognize and help mark the anniversaries and achievements of your affiliates.
13. Encourage them to ask you questions and endeavor to provide answers and references which can help them.

By doing the foregoing, you will be sufficiently confident to answer questions from your PSAs and CSAs and to request them to do as you do. That is how best you can lead by example and to demonstrate it to them.

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