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Monday, 16 January 2017

What Affiliates Struggle with Most in SFI

From my experience in SFI, the one thing affiliates struggle with most, is DUPLICATION particularly about getting serious and active affiliates. Since it appears to be a business-wide problem, everyone is grappling with it the way they deem fit. On my part, I always insist on the following to my affiliates.

1. Be very familiar with SFI awesome sponsor tips and use them as recommended.
2. Do not fail to regularly communicate with your affiliates.
3. Encourage and motivate them to keep sponsoring even if they are not getting serious and active affiliates.
4. Promote your SFI Gateways widely and intensely to recruit new affiliates.
5. Never fail to welcome your new affiliates when they join your team.
6. Follow that up always with “welcome to my team” cards.
7. Share your progress in the business with your affiliates.
8. Appreciate the modest achievements they have in the business and reward them if you can afford to.
9. Remember and identify with their anniversaries and congratulate them.
10. Encourage them to ask you questions and help them with good answers and references.
11. Take your affiliates as business partners and relate with them as such.
12. Encourage them to read widely in SFI and to imbibe all the business lessons.
13. Encourage them to join the various forums and to participate actively.
14. Advise them to have fun with the Trivia Games and the Auctions.

The foregoing are the things I do and recommend to my affiliates which I believe if done properly can help to alleviate the duplication problems we all face.

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