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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Best Way to Introduce S-builder Co-op to Your Affiliates

My advice to SFI affiliates who want to introduce any SFI program to their down-lines is and has always been to lead by example. That is the best way to earn credibility in the eyes of the affiliates you are sponsoring.

Arising from that, to introduce S-Builder Co-op to your affiliates, you must not only know all there is to know about the Co-op, you must have bought into it yourself and have actually started to see the benefits live. That way, using your Leadership page, you can refer your affiliates to also take advantage of the Co-op to build their businesses. Make sure your Leadership page spells out in clear terms what the Co-op does for affiliates and how any affiliate can buy into it. If you already have a pleasant experience with it, recommend it very strongly to your sponsored affiliates. That to my mind is the best way to introduce S-Builder Co-op to your affiliates.

Best wishes in your SFI business.

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