Wednesday, 15 February 2017

How to Train Your Affiliates Offline

While deciding on this issue, the first thought that came to my mind is the degree of feasibility of training your PSAs offline. I believe you can only do so successfully if all or a very large number of your PSAs are living within your locality. With the nature of SFI and its affiliates programs, I hardly see how feasible that is. 


If as your question indicates you believe you can easily assemble very many of your affiliates to a training seminar under one roof, all well and good. In that case, your seminar will take the form of any other regular seminars where you will have to invite and assemble all the affiliates you want to train in one place. In that case, I will advise you to do the following:

1. Find out first from your PSAs who and how many of them will be interested in your offline seminar.
2. If you receive good responses, you can then decide on a date and venue for the seminar.
3. Send out invitations to the PSAs who have indicated interest by way of communicating same to them well in advance.
4. Advertise to the affiliates well in advance what the topics of your seminar will cover.
5. Secure a suitable venue for the seminar preferably in a hotel or events club.
6. On the day of the seminar, be there to personally welcome the PSAs with very warm handshakes.
7. At the seminar proper, make it interactive and be sure the topics are interesting, informative and entertaining.
8. Request feedbacks from participants to aid preparations for future seminars.
9. Open follow-up communications with the participants on the subject matters.
10. Encourage the PSAs to open up communications with themselves as well.

I believe any offline seminar you are able to organize with these tips in mind will achieve the desired results.

Good luck!!!

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