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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

How Affiliates Can Set Long-Term Goals in SFI Business

Well, like every other affiliate, I am in SFI business to make money. On the long term, I believe I will make a lot of money to enable me live the way I want to live without any monetary inhibitions. In that case, on the long term, just like I did, any affiliate can set at least 10 long-term goals by providing answers to the following questions: 


1. Which place will you like to live?
2. What type of house will you like to live in?
3. Who will you like to spend quality time with?
4. What additional challenges will you embark on?
5. How frequently will you go on vacation?
6. While on vacation, where will you like to go?
7. How will you like to travel?
8. What form(s) of transportation will you like to own?
9. What social/recreation clubs will you like to join?
10. What charity/social services will you like to fund?

Any answers you are able to provide for these 10 questions can adequately represent your long-term goals. You must be as realistic as you possibly can but avoid fantasy. Since money is not expected to be an obstacle, I believe you can easily set the type of long-term goals which could enable you to live very happily ever after.

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