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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Why Offline and Online Marketing are Effective in SFI Business

Offline marketing can be as effective as online marketing but the effectiveness depends on how good the marketer is. Whether online or offline, your expertise and experience play a major role in how effective your marketing is and can be in SFI business. There is something very good and encouraging about what many experts call “personal touch.” That is the marketing purposes for offline marketing. With it, you do have very ample opportunities of not only being able to explain anything person-to-person; you can also demonstrate your dexterity at persuading others to see things your way. Whereas, people who are very shy to meet or speak with other people one-on-one could resort to offline marketing methods with near or similar results.

I can say with all amounts of seriousness that online and offline marketing methods can be as effective as how good the marketer is at using any of the methods. Some persons who are very good at meeting people can be very effective at using offline marketing methods whereas many others who are very good at using the computer and they know how to use the Internet for marketing purposes can be very effective using online marketing methods. For best results, I do recommend the use of both online and offline marketing methods because each has its own strengths and weaknesses depending on who the marketer is.

Best wishes and happy marketing.

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