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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Real Difference $100 Can Make in Your SFI Business

In SFI business, $100 is a lot of money which can go a long way to advance your business. Depending on what your business strategies are, you can use the money like this:

1. $100 can buy you 4 slots of S-Builder Co-Op Units to build residual income in your business.

2. It can buy you 5 numbers, 50 TCredit packs to use in TripleClicks purchases, Pricebenders auctions and many other things in TripleClicks shop.

3. It can buy you up to 60 credible PSAs at $25 for 15 PSAs.

4. It can buy you up to 6 months credible advertising of your various Gateways.

5. It can buy you very many E-books which can help you to grow your business.

6. With $100, you can secure up to 3 month’s subscription for IAHBE.

7. You can buy 100 WAVE3 X-Card in 100 packs, etc, etc, and so many other things too numerous to mention here.

Come to think of it, I believe you can do so very many other things in SFI for $100 that it is practically impossible to list them all here. However, what matters the most is what you do with your extra $100 to maximize and help grow your SFI business? Your choices clearly depend on your strategies and goals. Arising from the above, the choice of what you do with your extra $100 therefore is absolutely up to you and yours alone. 

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