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Thursday, 16 February 2017

How to Make Yourself Best SFI Affiliate

Best SFI affiliate in terms of what? Do you want to be the best in terms of largest down line or in terms of your huge income or in terms of large army of A2A friends or in terms of the biggest volume trader or in terms of the most awesome sponsor or in terms of very many other success parameters in SFI?

If however you think as I strongly believe you do to be the very best affiliate possible in all these and more, my advice is that you should follow SFI rules, take SFI lessons, read SFI texts and do everything SFI requires you to do on daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis to move your business forward. There is no doubt that if you do everything in SFI as prescribed and you try as much as possible to emulate your Sponsors and Co-Sponsors as well as other successful SFI affiliates, you can be the best possible in SFI business.

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