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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Best Ways to Use the WAVE 3 X-Cards

WAVE 3 X-Cards are awesome SFI business promoting tools. They are cute, trendy and very easy to use. You can hand them out easily or give them as gifts to friends and relatives as well as rewards to some of your affiliates. For best results, it is good to hand them out physically to people you know or are acquainted with. You can routinely hand them out:

1. To strangers in public transportation, pubs, gyms and social events.
2. To family members at home.
3. To friends and acquaintances in their homes or offices.
4. To your neighbors in their homes.
5. To teachers and other workers in your children’s schools.
6. To co-workers in your office.
7. To professional care givers like Doctors and Lawyers in their offices.
8. In restaurants to fellow diners.
9. To your employees if you are a business owner.
10. To members of your social club, sports club or religious organization. 

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