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Thursday, 2 February 2017

How to Motivate Affiliates to do More Activities in SFI

As always, I insist that the best way to motivate affiliates is to lead them by examples. Be proud to point out to them what you do, why you do it and the results you are getting. Specifically, let them know how these results are helping your SFI business. Many of your affiliates will always like to emulate you and be motivated to do so if they see these facts as self-evident. 


Aside from logging into your affiliate center and doing the To-Do chores, here now are some other things you should encourage your affiliates to do and the benefits they stand to derive there from.

1. Read all information in the Alerts page TO get up-to-date information on what is new and hot in SFI and at the Forum.

2. Play the Trivia Games TO have fun, compete with fellow affiliates and win valuable items.

3. Participate in Pricebenders Auctions TO win valuable products/items at up to 95% off shelf price. You also get VPs, MRPs and PSAs as rewards.

4. Promote your SFI Gateways daily TO help you enroll new PSAs to meet your duplication efforts and deepen your downline.

5. Promote your TripleClicks and other Gateways TO generate sales, help enroll PRMs, ECAs, Wave 3 Members and earn real commissions.

6. Become a Wave3 Member TO get products at special reduced prices, earn TCredits, Download music and get many other benefits.

7. Advertise your SFI business like hell TO help grow it rapidly.

8. Read all the lessons/information/articles available in SFI TO help broaden your knowledge about the business. As you already know, “readers are leaders.”

9. Be a member of and participate at the Forums TO help you interact with fellow affiliates, learn the business and share valuable information.

10. Join the a2a for friendship and social interactions TO help you get invaluable assistance and advice from fellow affiliates.

11. Communicate regularly with your Team Members as an invaluable responsibility you owe them as their sponsor TO inform, encourage and motivate them in the business. 


From the foregoing, if your affiliates know what they can also do in SFI and the benefits available to them for doing so which you are getting yourself, that from my own thinking is enough to motivate them to get involved in these other things besides the To-Do list.

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