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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How to Learn to Write Effective Ads in SFI Business

I am happy to talk about the word “learn.” Yes indeed! That is what we are all doing in SFI on daily basis, simply learning the business day in day out. We can all learn to write adds if we do not want to use the free ads SFI has made available to all affiliates. Personally, I am not good at writing ads so I use SFI free ads. That is what I always recommend for others to use. 


If however you want to learn to write your own ads, there are many places on the web you can learn about ads and how to write them. Just like me, even if you have no experience or have not written any ads before, you can still write effective ads using these sites and reading other ads written by others. There are ads you can read about on the web from some internet social websites, newspapers, magazines and even in SFI.

If you really want to write your own ads, be sure that the ads are catchy enough to attract your target audience. To be able to guarantee that, make sure your text ads contain one or more of the following words:

1. Fast
2. Guaranteed
3. Limited
4. Easy/Simple
5. Testimonial
6. Discount/Sales
7. Free
8. Important
9. You/Your
10. New

If you manage to design ads which have one or more of these words, the ads will be catchy enough to “arrest” your target audience. That is what matters not just designing ads for the sake of designing ads. Anyone can learn with practice to do things right. Good luck!!!

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