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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How to Create Business Cards to Promote SFI and TripleClicks

You can purchase business cards very cheaply at SFI TripleClicks stores. If however you are artistically inclined and you know something about printing, you can design and print your own cards. If you want to create business cards that will be effective in promoting SFI and TripleClicks, please consider the following:

1. All SFI logos/Cards/Colors/Texts have Patent Rights cover. Be sure you have the correct permits to produce them.
2. Be sure the cards tally with the standard size.
3. The color combination should also tally.
4. Messages/Texts should be pre-approved.
5. Be sure your SFI/TripleClicks Gateways are well inserted in the cards.
6. The cards must have your name, Affiliate ID Number, SFI rank, Telephone contact, email address, the URL of your Gateways, Websites, Blogs and ECA store.

From my own perspective, you may not require to go through all these hassles if you can simply purchase SFI business cards which can even be customized for you if you so wish.

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