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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How to Motivate Lazy and Unmotivated Affiliates

I hardly know how to set apart lazy and unmotivated affiliates. I believe we all are to some degree. However, if you have affiliates you sincerely believe are lazy and unmotivated; I suggest you do the following: 

1. Pay special attention to your communications with them.
2. Explore ways to “draw them out’ and get them to reveal to you why they are unmotivated.
3. Offer real incentives to them like TCredits and free slots in your co-operative.
4. Encourage them to freely communicate their problems to you.
5. Be sure they took the lessons at the LaunchPad.
6. Encourage them to join and be active at the forum.
7. Offer your hand of friendship to them.
8. Encourage them to read widely in SFI.
9. Implore them to take SFI tips and to use the free marketing tools provided.
10. Help them to promote their Gateways alongside yours.
11. Reassign some PSAs to them if you can afford to.
12. Encourage them to play the Trivia games and to join the fun in SFI.

I believe if you are able to do some or all the foregoing, some of your lazy affiliates may become active.

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