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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Why it is Easier to Promote SFI to Friends and Family

You can promote SFI to friends, family and even strangers if you think you can get them to be interested in the business. What matters the most is getting people to pick interest in the business whether you have any prior relationship with them or not. Having said that, I recall one SFI lesson which reveals that if anyone finds something good, it is logical that the first point of call are friends and family. There is no doubt that SFI as a business is something good. On that score alone, I think it is better to promote SFI first to friends and family before strangers. This position is further strengthened by the following reasons:

1. It is easier to build trust quickly among friends and family.
2. Friends and family are everyday people you see and interact with so you can easily promote any business to them.
3. With friends and family, it is easy to know very quickly who will be interested in the business.
4. With close proximity of friends and family, sponsoring is easier, cheaper and more productive.
5. With friends and family, building team spirit is a given.
6. Offline promotion is easier with friends and family.
7. Not many people are bold enough to approach strangers but with friends and family the barrier is off.
8. With friends and family, there is already “something” that bonds the relationship which can be extended to business conveniently.
9. Suspicion and skepticism are lowest with friends and family.
10. It is by far easier to promote any business to friends and family than strangers.
11. Communication is easier and more productive with friends and family.

For these and many other reasons, I believe it is better to promote SFI first to friends and family before strangers. 

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