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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Cost Effective Ways to Increase Your Chances of Success in SFI

If you are talking of cost-effectiveness and how to succeed, what you should be looking at are FREE actions and CHEAP actions which can lead to success in SFI business.

Let me begin from FREE actions. As I always tell my downline, do the following and you will succeed in SFI. Here are some free actions I recommend. 


1. Log in to SFI every day, every single day.
2. Check out all tabs on your Home Page and remember to click on the "I have reviewed the information on this page" tab at the bottom of every page!
3. On the "To Do List" tab, click on "check out the latest items at TripleClicks" every day.
4. On the "To Do List" tab click on "reviewing your TConnect page" weekly.
5. On the "Win It" tab - enter the "Grand Daily" after you did all the tabs.
6. Send out weekly emails to your team.
7. Promote TripleClicks products and learn a bit more about SFI every day. There really is a lot to learn and benefit from.
8. Promote your Gateways in free advertising sites and also use any other free ads methods.

For cost-effectiveness, all you are looking at is to do things which can give you maximum results at the lowest cost. Do the following:

1. Set up a Standing Order of a minimum of 1500 VP at the lowest cost.
2. Promote Tripleclicks products at the lowest cost.
3. Promote your Gateways at the lowest cost.
4. Participate in pricebenders auctions.
5. Play the time machine games and other games.
6. Use the cheapest means available to acquire PSAs and to build your downline.
7. Become an ECA if you have products to sell. 


These are some of the most cost-effective ways I can think of right now which I believe you can use to increase your chances of success in SFI. I have no doubt in my mind that if you are able to follow these tips diligently, it is possible for you to succeed in SFI without spending too much money. Good luck!!!

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