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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Downline

Every SFI affiliate who seriously wants to succeed in the business needs a very active and viable downline. That is where PSAs come into the picture. The interesting thing about SFI is that every affiliate who has a downline also has an upline. That means someone’s upline is somebody else’s downline. Coming to your question, the “Golden Rule” of that relationship is….”Do not do to your downline what you will not want your upline to do to you.” If you adhere strictly to that rule, you can manage to avoid nearly all the mistakes many sponsors usually make.


Arising from that conclusion, I am inclined to draw your attention specifically to the following common mistakes:

- Dealing with your downline as if they are your employees instead of business partners.
- Bossing it over your downline.
- Getting too personal.
- Prying into your PSAs personal life.
- Dealing with your downline as if they are not human beings.
- Misleading your downline.
- Not attending to their concerns promptly.
- Attempting to run the business for your downline.
- Too frequent/meaningless communications with your downline.
- Pushing your downline to do the things they are unwilling to do.
- Totally ignoring your downline.
- Inducing your downline with financial rewards.
- Criticizing your downline.
- Finding faults with your downline.

In SFI, nearly all affiliates have at one time or another made some or even all of these mistakes. As a new affiliate who wants to build a viable downline, it is always advisable to take the advice of SFI as it relates to sponsoring affiliates. Check it out on this link:


In there, you will be acquainted with the Dos and Don'ts of sponsoring. If you study them very well and keep to them, you will manage to avoid many of the common mistakes most new affiliates make when building their downlines.

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