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Thursday, 2 February 2017

What to Chat Online With a New PSA

Initiating an online chat with a new PSA is a very good way to help such a PSA to “settle in.” Since you are the one who initiated the chat, please give plenty of room for the new affiliate to ask most of the questions. You must avoid a posture which portrays you as lecturing the new affiliate. Engage the affiliate in a few chit chat first to put them at ease before you go into the real business. Among many other issues you can discuss with a new PSA, the following to my mind appear to be the most pertinent,

1. Find out why the new PSA joined SFI, and how she is doing presently.
2. Find out if she has been through the LaunchPad and what she learned.
3. Let her know the importance of the “to-do” list.
4. Find out if she routinely sets goals in SFI.
5. Let her know the importance of logging in to her site every single day.
6. Find out how she is promoting her business.
7. Discuss participating in the forums.
8. Discuss how she is doing in a2a.
9. Let her know how she can make minimum of EA monthly and the benefits.
10. Discuss duplication in details and the awesome benefits.
11. Discuss the trivia games and the benefits.
12. Discuss the benefits of forming and joining co-operatives etc, etc.

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