Tuesday, 21 February 2017

What New Affiliates Should Not Do in Their First Month in SFI Business

This is somehow a highly controversial matter in SFI business. I believe all affiliates do have their own separate stories to tell. From my experience in SFI, all I ever came across is what I should be doing to succeed in the business. I can’t recall if anyone ever told me what I should NOT do in my first month. But with the benefit of my little experience so far, I believe there are things I did which I should not have done particularly in the first month of joining SFI.

Here are some of the things I can recall doing in the first month which new affiliates should not do.

- I tried to know everything about SFI in the first month.
- I came back and logged into my homepage several days after I joined SFI.
- I was not logging in everyday for quite some time.
- I was picking and choosing what red tabs to review in my homepage.
- I totally ignored the forum in the first month.
- I was blaming SFI for my own inadequacies.
- I made no attempt to sponsor any affiliate in the first month.
- I made no attempt to promote or sell any products at TripleClicks.
- I ignored communications from my upline.
- I approached SFI daily routines haphazardly.
- I was fixated on making big money in the first month.

These are some of the things I did in the first month which with the benefit of hindsight, I will now not advise any new affiliate to do. 

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