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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

How to Find a Mentor in SFI Business

This somehow has become a very interesting issue in SFI business. I say so because the entire business of SFI revolves around mentoring. Credible mentoring is in the entire gamut of the business because everyone is an affiliate in their individual capacities and we are all involved in the business. We all have sponsors.

A good question to ask here is, why search anywhere else for mentors when your sponsors and your entire up-line which is about 6 layers up is there, ready, able and willing to help you out at all times?

Even if you do not want a mentor from among your sponsors, you can join the FORUM and A2A. You can then reach out, make friends, and search for all the qualities you need in a mentor then get one or more for yourself. Very many excellent mentors are out there in SFI ready for the picking.

Oops! Lest I forget, the ultimate mentor in SFI is Mr. Gery Carson himself, the Founder of SFI. That is the man who mentors practically everyone in SFI business. Just ASK GERY anything about SFI and you get a very prompt and adequate reply. Gery likes to oil things a bit by telling a bit of his own personal story as found in the Launchpad for beginners in SFI. Mentoring can’t get any better than that, can it? 

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