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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Easy Ways to Become EA, Executive Affiliate Every Month

It appears SFI attaches so much importance to every affiliate becoming EA (Executive Affiliate) every month. That may be why EA is the only rank any affiliate can reach either with Sales Points alone or Action Points alone or a combination of both. For any other rank, you need a combination of Sales Points and Action Points. To become EA each month, all you need is to earn 1500 Versa Points by whatever means and pronto you are EA for that month.

Here are some of the easiest ways to become EA every month.

1. You can buy 125 TCredits pack which gives you 1500 VP.
2. You can earn 500 VP from Daily/Weekly/Monthly Action Points + 1000 Sales Points.
3. You can earn 500 Daily/Weekly Action Points + 500 VP from PriceBenders Auctions + 500 Sales Points.
4. You can earn 500 Daily/Weekly Action Points + 500 VP from PriceBenders Auctions + 200 from Zebra Games + 300 Sales Points.
5. You can earn VPs from different combinations from the above just to get 1500 VP and pronto you are EA for the month.
6. You can also win unlimited VersaPoints from Daily Grand and Ask SC Answers you have submitted + some other Actions/Sales Points to get 1500 VP.

Many of these actions are fairly easy to accomplish once you have a good plan for the month. Though some of the actions may depend on luck, others require a good plan and strategy to earn. For example, if you purchase 125 TCredit pack, you can leverage on the TCredits by using them to play Zebra Games and to participate in PriceBenders Auctions to earn more VPs and MRPs. That is how it works and any affiliate with a good plan can do it easily.

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