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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Why it is Good to Participate in Eager Zebra Games

These games are new in SFI business so there is a lot of curiosity and excitement about them. Fun, real fun and unlimited excitements are the primary reasons for participating in Eager Zebra Games. In addition, you do have a very good opportunity to earn some 200 VP per month if you participate in the games. Even if you miss out in the Jackpot, you can still win thousands of T-credits. Member Reward Points, MRPs are also won so trying your luck in the games in very good. You however need some luck to win though but no one loses out completely.

Every participant is a winner one way or another. It is a win, win situation no matter who the player is so long as you are playing. Encouraging your downline to participate too is also beneficial to you because you can share from their matching T-credits wins (up to 10%) from members of your downline.

These are the real reasons why it is good to participate in the games.

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