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Sunday, 19 February 2017

How You Can Build a Successful SFI Business Even with Inactive Affiliates

Yes indeed! You can build a successful SFI business even with inactive affiliates and doubtful customers for your TripleClicks store. This is because “success” in SFI is a relative term. What constitutes success for me may not be what constitutes success for you. Besides, inactive affiliates and doubtful customers may be temporary setbacks which can change with time and experience in the business. 


Having said that, I tend to believe that people at times think like the farmer who blames his farming tools when he experiences poor crop performance. That is about why I strongly recommend that if you have problems of inactive affiliates, you just have to look inwards to yourself first and the way you are running your SFI business second. Try to identify what you are doing right and what you are doing wrongly then make amends. That done, there is no doubt that things are bound to improve in terms of more active affiliates and dutiful customers.

As an affiliate, you are no doubt aware that when people visit any SFI Gateway, what they see is an invitation to join a “very strange” affiliates’ program FREE. Many of these sign-ups may be new to Internet business while others may just be “scammers” looking for how to make tons of money on the Internet. After getting involved with SFI and to start off on the launchpad, many may be disappointed that SFI is a legitimate online business with slow but steady results. That could put off quick-bucks hunters who many of us affiliates do refer to as inactive affiliates. There may also be hundreds of other reasons for their inactivity which your business acumen as their sponsor can help you to get around.

Now consider these questions:
What did you promise new affiliates before they signed up?
How excited and energetic are you in your first contacts with new sign-ups?
How supportive are you when they eventually signed up?
How promptly and honestly do you respond to their fears and concerns?

I believe that if you can answer the above questions very honestly, you may discover that your inactive affiliates and doubtful customers may not take all the blame for the poor performance of your business. Even with the best SFI marketing tools and efforts, you will be lucky if you get up to 5% of your affiliates active. That is why you need just this 3-step plan to succeed in SFI. 


1. Become an Executive Affiliate, EA and remain an EA every month.
2. Recruit 5 Affiliates using every convenient marketing method.
3. Teach your 5 Affiliates to do these same 3 steps.

That’s it! You can earn a full-time income or more with this 3-step plan. To me, that is SUCCESS even with hundreds of other inactive affiliates and doubtful customers in your team. 

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