Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How to Reassure Your Downline After a Cyber Attack

You can let on to your downline that cyber attack is not limited to SFI alone. In fact, tell them that the very best sites on the Web are always subjected to regular cyber attacks. Even government agencies belonging to the most powerful countries in the world get attacked very often. The key for reassurance is to expect the attacks and be prepared to act fast when they occur. That is exactly what Gery and his SFI teams were able to do. That they could contain the attack within 48 hours is a clear indication that SFI is a very good online business with excellent managers.

Let your downline know that just as SFI and TripleClicks were attacked, eBay, Amazon, Twitter, Banks’ sites and many other sites get attacked even on daily basis. They must know that because of cyber attacks, Facebook recently had the personal data of over 200 million of its users stolen. The list of victims is endless. What is reassuring in SFI is its own ability to contain the attacks when they occur and the avoidance of painful losses to affiliates and even the elimination of permanent damage to affiliates’ sites. Nothing can be more reassuring than that.

When SFI was attacked, Gery and his teams were very much on top of the situation from the beginning to the end. They kept all affiliates well-informed and up-to-date with useful advice about what each affiliate should do to secure their sites. That was quite reassuring. I have never seen anywhere online where such personal and caring response comes near what SFI did. With SFI, many hands were on deck and the teams worked round-the-clock directly answering individual questions and offering personal support to affiliates.

Tell your teams that SFI is a very safe online business and that they have nothing to fear. Commit to assisting them clear the few log-in issues they may encounter after the attack. Boldly tell them that SFI business goes on as usual. That in my opinion is the ultimate reassurance. Best wishes.

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