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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How to Help Your Affiliates Adequately

In SFI business, affiliates constitute a major live-wire for your survival as a business person. Just like your own offspring, you can’t afford to help them too little. I therefore believe that there is no such thing as TOO much unless you are unable to respect the fine line between the permissible limits. You do have an obligation to help your affiliates to succeed in this business and to achieve the best success possible. Your physical, moral and or financial help to them is very vital in that quest. It is better too much than too little because you never know how much help they may need at any particular time because of individual differences and the vicissitudes of every day business.

Helping your affiliates is one viable way to help yourself. Since there is no way you can ever help yourself too much, it follows therefore that there is no way you can ever help your affiliates too much. The bottom-line though is to always respect the fine line between genuine help and pampering. That is the key.

You also need to be conscious when rendering help to your affiliates that they are your business partners and not employees or dependent siblings. Therefore, what really matters is to build a relationship with them based on mutual trust. If that is in place, all help can’t be too much and it will be mutually beneficial to all parties. Just do it within decent and acceptable limits. That is all.

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