Saturday, 21 January 2017

How to Determine Shipping Charges to Other Countries in SFI TripleClicks

Shipping is a very important consideration in the business of SFI. It is a very important cost element in the business. It is so important that “free shipping” is at times used as incentive to promote some of the products. If you are an ECA, getting your shipping charges right can play a major role in how well you can do in the business. You can’t therefore be too careful in that quest.

To get it right, here is what is best to do. You can approach and talk to international shipping companies like DHL and the like. They are always very glad to talk to potential customers. With the list of all the countries you propose to sell to, these companies can give you their charges by weight and mode of delivery. You can negotiate with them and obtain discounts based on the volume and frequency of business you intend to bring their way. These negotiations will benefit you and your customers around the world. Based on the information you garner, you can settle for the company or companies you may wish to use as shipping agents for your products around the world. That is what should guide you to fix your own charges for shipping on the products you are selling. That to my mind is the best way to go about it if you want to get it right.

Good luck!

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