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Saturday, 21 January 2017

What is Best to do in SFI Business?

That are very many other things you should be doing besides your daily actions on the To-Do-List if you want to build a thriving SFI business. Prominent among these things are:

1. Advertise your business widely on and offline.
2. Promote your Gateways widely on and offline.
3. Become an ECA and display your products for sale at TripleClicks.
4. Promote and sell the products of other ECAs at TripleClicks.
5. Build a viable and active downline.
6. Communicate regularly with your downline.
7. Explore all ways to motivate your downline.
8. Read all SFI archive literature.
9. Participate in the Forums particularly Ask SC.
10. Take part in PriceBenders Auctions.
11. Participate in the Trivia Games.
12. Research other products and improve on your own.
13. Make real plans and follow through on your plans.
14. Budget your time and money as inputs into the business.
15. Distribute TC Gift Cards.
16. Build a blog and blog about your business.
17. Become a WAVE 3 member and take advantage of the rewards.
18. Build mutually beneficial alliances with other affiliates in form of cooperatives.

From all the above, you will find yourself extremely busy besides your activities in the daily actions on the To-Do-List.

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