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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How to Attract Young People to Become SFI Affiliates

The best strategy for attracting younger people to SFI business is by coming to their level by seeing things from their own point of view. Everyone in that age bracket is in their “earning years” so you will be point-on if you say things to them which will enable them earn some money. Go find young people everywhere they can be found. To do that successfully, you must create time to take your SFI business to the following places.

01. College campuses.
02. Local gyms.
03. Sports clubs and stadiums.
04. Local library.
05. Shopping malls.
06. Local Laundromat.
07. Community parks.
08. Job placement bureaus.
09. Community restaurants.
10. Local Civic centers.

Good luck!

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