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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Methods for Winning PriceBenders Auctions

Many affiliates use manual bidding as well auto-bidding in their PriceBender’s auction bids for varied reasons. Some of these reasons do not really have anything to do with actually winning the auctions. Some bidders use them separately while others use them in combination. What probably determines which is better depends on what the bidder wants to achieve and what strategy he/she has in place. They both have their own strong points and weak points so everything depends on what the bidders are after. To determine which is better, it is best to take into account these strong points and weak points to arrive at that decision.


Strong Points:
- More intelligent bidding.
- Tactful bidding.
- More and better control over your bids.
- Better implementation of your strategy.
- Better timing of your bids.
- Better control over the use of your TCredits.

Weak Points:
- Too much time consuming.
- Too much energy sapping.
- Bidding fatigue sets in faster.

Strong Points:
- Saves time.
- Saves energy.
- More resilient bidding.

Weak Points:
- Excessive use of TCredits.
- Less control over bidding strategy.
- Poor timing of your bids.
- Lack of bidding intelligence.
- Tactless bidding.


 Like everything with automation, the level of human intelligence input is minimal so there is a tendency to misread the intentions of your fellow bidders and even to miss the trend at times. While bidding to win, the intention is to outwit and to outbid your fellow bidders and that requires some level of intelligence in your bids. That intelligence is something manual bidding can always fall back on as the bidding progresses. That alone makes manual bidding a better strategy to win these auctions instead of auto-bidding. If you have sufficient time and energy to spend on bids, I personally will recommend manual bidding over auto-bidding in auctions like PriceBenders taking into consideration the strong and weak points of both as highlighted above.

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