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Sunday, 22 January 2017

How to Transform Affiliates to Great Business Owners

Affiliates with employee mentality always want to get paid before rendering a service whereas those with business owner mentality always want to add value or render a service first before any rewards. With this distinction, it is easy to work on affiliates to turn around their mind sets. In that quest, here is what best you can do.

1. Talk them into accepting delayed gratification as against instant gratification.
2. Get them to work to render a service first to get rewarded later.
3. Show them the benefits of being their own bosses.
4. Let them see why it is better to be employers instead of employees.
5. Let them know that as business owners they have no fear of being fired.
6. Let them know that employees are a dime-a-dozen while employers are fewer and in a select club.
7. Let them know that employees have fixed remunerations whereas business owners have unlimited earnings.
8. Let them know that employees make money only when they work whereas a business owner earns residual income.
9. Tell them that an employee is only an asset in the system while the business owner owns the system.
10. Let them know that a business owner earns from his/her investments while an employee earns only by selling his/her labor.
11. Tell them that business ownership confers unlimited power whereas employees have very limited power.
12. Let them know that employers give Instructions/Directives whereas employees take Instructions/Directives.
13. Show them how employers lead while employees follow.
14. Show them the advantages of working to earn as against earning to work.

For these and many other reasons too numerous to mention here, your affiliates can easily see that it is best for them to see their SFI business like a business and to treat it as such. That is the best way for them only if they but knew.

Best wishes.

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