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Sunday, 22 January 2017

How to Ensure the TCards you Send Out are Used

If people are well informed about the use and benefits of TC Gift Cards when they receive them, they are bound to use them. The dearth of information about the importance of these cards is usually the main reason why some people do not use them if given. Gift Cards are very effective marketing tools in SFI. They are a very effective way to introduce SFI and Tripleclicks to other people. They are cute, beautiful and easily appreciated as simple gifts. Many people relish getting a Gift Card and most are always very appreciative of the cards. 


Currently in SFI, there are two types of Gift Cards, the Physical and the Digital Gift Cards with a common feature of 12 characters redemption code which is the most important marketing feature in the cards. If you want to distribute these cards by email, all you need are Digital Gift Cards with the appropriate codes already inscribed by SFI. You must understand that SFI regulates the use of these cards by very strict rules. For best results, it is best to familiarize yourself with these rules before you give out Gift Cards.

To ensure they are used, accompany them with this simple message.

“I have some Gifts Cards that I'd like you to have as a token of my love and appreciation of our friendship.

You can redeem the cards at SFI Tripleclicks which is a very popular e-commerce platform like Amazon or eBay.

The card has a $12 value, redeemable in Tripleclicks products and merchandises.

The gift card redemption code is:

Thank you.”
If however the cards are not used after sometime say about a couple of weeks after sending/giving them out, the best thing to do is send a short reminder repeating the above message. With these reminders, there is a big chance that the beneficiaries will eventually use/redeem the cards.

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