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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Things You Can Do Differently in SFI Business

For a new affiliate in SFI, there is a tendency to get overwhelmed with things to read. No matter, these are things you really need to know anyway if you want to do well in the business. With the benefit of hindsight, if I were to start all over with SFI, I will do the following differently.

1. Try to get 500 VP within my first 24 hours in the business.
2. Read the LaunchPad thoroughly and sequentially.
3. Log in to my site daily to read, learn and earn VP.
4. Promote my Gateways like hell.
5. Promote TripleClicks products very widely.
6. Buy or recruit PSAs with steady flows.
7. Be more vigorous in enrolling e-commerce associates.
8. Invest some real time and money in the business.
9. Read more of Forum and ASK SC posts.
10. Play more Eager Zebra games.

The foregoing are the things I believe if I did differently, will have helped my business a great deal.

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